CIAWA contributes funding to the national Association, the CRVA, as do the other State Associations for the benefit of all stakeholders in the industry.

As the Western Australian peak industry body we also undertake research on behalf of our Members, in most cases we try to ensure that this information is available to all those in the industry, we list that research here.

In some instances where we have provided funding for templates that can be used by our Members we restrict access to that information for the benefit of our Members, that information can be found under our Members tab and accessed through the user name and password specific for each Member.

A national paper has recently been released that looks at the impact a commercial Caravan Park operator has on a local government level, the full report is available and a one page fact sheet is helpful for Local Councillors and staff to see a snapshot of the financial benefits a Caravan Park has to the local community.

We fully encourage our Members to use this research in discussing issues that they face in dealing with non compliant camping.


For more general information on research into the tourism industry, please visit: