Our Trip from Perth to Karijini National Park

Typically we like to explore new countries on our summer holidays but this year, we thought it was time we explored more of our own country! We decided to take a campervan tour of Western Australia starting from our home in Perth and heading up to Karijini National Park. Being first time campervanners, we were hesitant, but we’re so glad we did it! Here we’re going to share our journey, along with some crucial tips that we wish we knew before our own road trip!


The Journey

Firstly, preparing for the journey. Being a busy family with a business to run we found it hard to take off the two weeks. This article helped us outsource everyday life so we could travel more. If you’re like us and struggle to find time to take off work, you’ll find that by holidaying in your own country you’ll be more accessible in case any problems arise at work, and you’ll feel a little more in control knowing that you can easily get in touch with your team if you need to. It can really take a load of your mind and help you enjoy your holiday more!

Once we’d decided that a road trip was the best holiday plan for us, we next had to choose our route. We chose to head to Karijini National Park because it is a beautiful place to visit, and we knew we’d enjoy being there. But of course, a road trip involves a lot more than just the final destination! We’d be spending most of our 2 weeks on the road so we’d need a route with plenty to see and do. Because of this, we chose to travel the coast road to our destination rather than inland. Yes, this added about 4 hours to our overall drive time but it was worth it to enjoy picturesque scenery and lovely little stops along the way.

All in all, the journey from Perth to Karijini National Park took about 22 hours via the coast road. We broke this journey up over 5 days, spent 4 days at the National Park and then made the return journey inland over 5 days.

Our journey and stops:

Overall we were happy with our schedule. Yes, the journey could be made quicker if we drove more on some days, but because this was our holiday, we wanted to take our time and enjoy some downtime rather than spend the entire day behind the wheel! You’ll find that by just commiting a few hours a day you can make stops at any attractions that catch your eye along the way and really take your time. If your schedule is too tight, you’ll have to miss some great stops!


Tips and Tricks

We had a few bumps along the way with our journey – most of which could have been avoided with a little preparation! Not to worry, our mistakes are your gain. Here’s what you should do to make your journey smooth sailing.


Adam and Julie Kingsley